A Loving Touch

SPROUT-300-2501A Loving Touch.

What is Reiki and how is it used?
~ These are questions I hear all the time from my clients, and it’s a difficult treatment to explain. Reiki is a UNIVERSAL form of energy healing. (have your eyes glazed over and you’ve started to think I’m a little ‘flakey’??) By UNIVERSAL I mean that it has no Religion, or Dogma attached to it. It can ONLY be used for good and to benefit people or situations and it can be used ANYWHERE or ANYTIME. By ANYONE.
Hold on did I just tell you that ANYONE can do Reiki? Well why then should I, as a complementary therapist, charge you for a treatment- aren’t you doing yourself out of a job?!
Let me explain. Ok, so I’m a complementary therapist I charge up to £40 for an hour & a half Reiki treatment. This is because I HAVE spent time and money on being ‘attuned’ to Reiki and learning its secret symbols and principles. I have been taught how to use these principles and symbols to offer clients a full and relaxing and incredibly beneficial Reiki Treatment.
But it is an inherent instinct within all of us…
When we have a headache, we rub out head or our temples.
When we have tummy ache/cramps we often put our hands on our belly to soothe them.
When we ‘stub’ our toe – we grasp it (whilst dancing around the room/rolling on the floor in pain!) and THIS IS REIKI.
It is the focused delivering of energy to parts of the body; more specifically, focusing the energy of LOVE.
Every mother out there has seen the power of ‘magic kisses’ or the need sometimes for a sore knee just to be rubbed, or a poorly little one held. That in essence is Reiki: A LOVING TOUCH.

Anyone can access the infinite power of Reiki. Whilst it would be wrong of me to disclose the secret and powerful symbols of Reiki, I can tell you some everyday ways to harness the power of Reiki.

~ To help Insomnia
When you have one of those nights where you just can’t switch off, place your left hand on your forehead and your right hand across your navel. (Remember to keep your fingers together- scattered fingers = scattered energy!!) Notice your breathing, how your stomach rises and falls with each breath. Your hands may start to tingle or get hot. Don’t worry if they don’t – Reiki can be very subtle and you may not feel anything, but trust me it will still be working its magic. Stay in this position for at least 15 minutes or until you fall asleep.
~To soothe a headache
Place both your hands on your head with your fingers pointed backward towards your crown/back of your head. Leave a small gap between your hands. It should feel comfortable and not strained. Stay this way for a few minutes and close your eyes if you can. Your headache will soon melt away.


Learning to live with a broken heart….

This is a hard one to write… the whole reason I started this blog was to share how I felt about the following experience, but now I find myself stumbling over the words, or the emotions, or both! Either way it’s been in my draft folder for months…

January 12th 2012: My husband is a way on a course at work to secure his promotion. He’s been away for a while and I have taken on the duties of caring for our 4 month old baby girl and 2 year old son. He took the car with him and I have this memory etched into my mind. I am walking home after having picked up our son from nursery. It’s January so I am bundled in coats and so is our daughter, in the sling around my neck. I knew my son would not quite manage the uphill walk from his nursery so was pushing him home in the pushchair. He was exhausted and fell asleep in his pushchair which somehow makes it seem even heavier. The baby has been asleep the whole way her hat slipping down to cover her eyes…

After the 1st colossal hill was defeated and I walk along a relished 5 minutes of flat before tackling the next mountain of suburbia, I started to curse my husband for taking the car. He was selfish, he didn’t NEED it for his course, he could have got the train… he never thought of me struggling to manage with TWO little ones. This was so typically him! By the time I reached home I was angry, sweaty, with freezing hands, a runny nose and an aching back. Trying to wake two grumpy children and appease one with a biscuit and the other with a dummy. My mobile started ringing before I had even taken the smallest one from her cosey spot snuggled into my heart. I ignored it. It rang again as I put her in her bouncer chair and tried the dummy, and this time I saw it was hubby so I answered it – with a tirade of abuse about how selfish he was for taking the car when I NEEDED it! In his patient, admirable way he always lets me finish my rages…. and then he told me!

‘Well, you don’t have to worry about me having the car any more…’ He said.

‘Why? What’s happened?’ Thinking briefly he’s finished the course early, he’s coming home to help (my prayers have been answered!) Then just as quickly – Oh God! He’s been in an accident, the cars written off,…

He explained that whilst sat in the classroom, he had suffered an unknown seizure. He had felt chest pain and blacked out and lost consciousness. He was told he trembled/shook. They suspected epilepsy. And because of that, they had taken his driving license away for 6 months and sent him back to his unit with a weeks sick leave.

I was left reeling.

I couldn’t quite comprehend what I’d been told. He’d never been sick as long as I knew him!

He didn’t even take paracetamol if ever he got a headache (which was rare!) All the things I’d thought and said to him about being selfish were going around in my head. He was 350 miles away with no way of getting home…he was sick. He needed me and I had yelled and complained and I had no way of reaching him (no car, 2 kids, and 350 miles between us!!) It was dinner time and the kids were getting hungry, so somehow on autopilot I fed and bathed the children and put them to bed. I called him again, but he was distant and quiet, he was exhausted and needed to sleep, he said. Although I felt he was shutting me out, a punishment I deserved for the way I treated him. The children were asleep so I poured some wine and spent hours researching epilepsy in adults on Dr Google… the horror stories, the possible causes, the fear everything…. Our life was turned upside down.

He came home to me the next day, after arranging for a friend to drive 700 miles in a round trip to pick him up. I apologised for the way I had spoken to him, he wasn’t selfish. He was the love of my life and I couldn’t lose him.

I cried. We both tried to comprehend what had happened.It wasn’t that easy…..

It took four months for him to finally see a neurologist and have an MRI scan of his brain to check for tumours, during which time he couldn’t drive, be deployed, hold a weapon or generally do his job. I ferried him to and from work, often with two pyjama-clad, children in tow. He suffered from fatigue and constant headaches. We had no idea what was going on. He lost confidence and we didn’t go out much ‘just in case’. We had no idea what had caused the seizure or why it had happened, so until the Dr’s gave us answers we wanted to stay safe and that meant mostly in our ‘bubble’ – our home.

The neurologist saw him for 5 minutes and categorically confirmed he didn’t have epilepsy. His brain scan confirmed that there was nothing unusual about his brain to cause any kind of seizure. But because of the chest pain we were referred to a cardiologist. This is where things got really complicated.

We had to wait a further 2 months to see a cardiologist. I TRIED very hard, but failed to avoid Google. My son was born with a heart defect, I started to wonder if they were connected, I knew the structure of the heart inside out and joked that I could probably pass some cardiology exams based on what I had learnt on the internet, both with research for my son and now my husband.

But the jokes only hid the pain! – How could the two men, I loved most in the world, how could they both have broken hearts?

I was plagued by stupid, selfish guilt that I used to deflect from my own selfish worry and heartache. But when we saw the cardiologist we were reassured he had probably just fainted he was very fit and healthy, his exercise tolerance test was normal and had great results! Bearing in mind they are usually done on over 50’s, not fit, healthy Military men. He wore a ‘Holter monitor’ (mobile heart recorder) for 48 hours which showed no anomalies. We could see light at the end of the tunnel, it was just a faint  that everyone had over reacted to. Just a few more tests…

26th July 2012; it’s hot and I am wearing cut off denim shorts that are barely visible beneath my flowing bohemian vest top. I spent 30 minutes curling and preening my hair to look ‘undone’ and messy, because I was going on a date with my husband to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary. My father in law had come to visit and take care of our now, ten month old baby and entertain our, now 3 year old little boy. But first we had to visit the hospital for some more of these basic tests. We were confident that this whole ordeal would soon be behind us. I drove him to the hospital in stoney silence. (He was frustrated at still not being able to drive his own car, so to avoid arguments, we avoided talking to one another in the car!) But we parked up and I held his hand as we walked into the vast hospital complex, talking about where we should go for a lunchtime beverage and meal afterwards to celebrate our 6 years together.

The lift wasn’t working and being military he had to report to the military personnel office on the tenth floor. He LOATHES being late for anything, so he ran up to the 10th floor, and back down to the 7th where I waited and we went into cardiology together. He walked straight into his Dr’s room and no doubt because of the run upstairs his heart rate was elevated so they gave him beta blocker medication to slow his heart enough to do an Angeogram scan of his heart and arteries. A normal procedure. I waited in the waiting room, surrounded by the other, elderly, cardiology patients. We were the youngest ones there that day. All went well. The Dr noticed no anomalies, there were no blockages in his arteries, his heart was formed normally. He came to sit in the waiting room next to me…. and very soon went deathly pale. He told me he felt really sick and weak, he needed to lay down. I told a nurse who asked him if he could walk, he nodded and she gestured for him to follow her, he took 3 steps past me and collapsed on the floor. A male nurse quickly lifted his feet in the air and grabbed his wrist to check his pulse. He let go of his legs and checked his neck for a pulse, then he called for help. He said something but all I made out was “cardiac arrest” I couldn’t breathe…There was an alarm sounding somewhere, an emergency assistance announcement over the tannoy…I didn’t hear it properly… I couldn’t stop looking… He looked so pale. So big, so muscular, so lifeless and so still. The same male nurse started chest compressions, Dr’s were rushing in, a man with a defibrillator, a screen was hurriedly pulled in front of him but I could still see his arm jerking with each of the compressions. (See my other post The day you died!) A lady, not a nurse or friend but a stranger, put her arm around my shoulders and sat me down- she spoke to me about my children and I think she stopped me from going into shock.

They hadn’t finished the 30 chest compressions before his heart was beating in rhythm again, albeit slowly.

He was kept in Hospital for a further 5 days, our actual wedding anniversary (29th July) was spent doing crosswords on a hospital ward. He was monitored constantly but they could still not find a reason for what had happened. Arrythmia was the most likely cause, perhaps Bradycardia (slow heart beat) perhaps Tahcycardia (fast heart beat),  Wolf Parkinson-White Syndrome, Sick Sinus Syndrome were among many other possibilities that were mentioned and subsequently ‘Googled’. But NO answers.

I was advised to undertake some form of basic CPR training in case this should happen again. As they couldn’t find a reason – they also couldn’t prevent it. So, I sat in a hot, stuffy hospital office as a nurse demonstrated basic CPR. I swallowed hard and pushed the memories of his body laying lifeless just a few days earlier and struggled to concentrate. She had bought a pressure pad resuscitation doll, to demonstrate exactly how hard I would have to press on his chest to have any chance of saving his life. As I watched the lights flicker from red, when I wasn’t pressing hard enough, to green, My arms ached and tears ran down my face. Tears that both the nurse, and I, politely ignored. I fixed my make up before returning to my husband’s bedside.

‘Don’t worry love, you’re in safe hands now!’ I joked.

He had to have a Internal Loop Recorder inserted into his chest to try and monitor what was happening with his heart should he black out again. They needed to ascertain what was happening before they could treat/prevent it.

I couldn’t comprehend why this would happen to us. To him.

Why now? After everything we had been through. He had survived Iraq, Afghanistan, and he was supposed to be ‘mine’ now! We had two years of no deployments to look forward to. This was OUR TIME. Time to raise our family and be together. A time not to miss each other or worry… boy did we take that idea for granted.

I entertained every possible, crazy, idea and possibility – like this was the result of some rare tropical disease he must have contracted on his recent deployment… Or maybe this was some bizarre physical reaction to his lifestyle, maybe it had got used to the adrenalin from tours and adventure training. Perhaps his heart was ‘war -weary’ , tired of battles, and separation, and loss, and glasses raised to dead comrades. I know I was tired of all that. To love a warrior is a hard task, but to be one is something else.

We still don’t know why.

I ask him sometimes, when I feel brave, ‘How does it feel to live with a broken heart?’ Sometimes he’s sweet and he smiles and says ‘It’s not broken if I’ve got you.’ Sometimes he stares into the distance and pretends he hasn’t heard me. I don’t push the subject. I think I am lucky –  it’s not so much learning to live with a broken heart as it is learning to live with the fear. The snuggling into his chest to listen to his for heart beat and check the rhythm, listening for his breathing when I wake in the night.

Two years on, and we are determined to move on with our life and put this behind us. We have no definite answers, and this MAY still come back to haunt us in the future, but for now and the last 2 years, we have had no blackouts, no need to perform CPR on the love of my life. The worry is easing and the fear is becoming, slowly, easier to live with.

The truth is that heart disease and Arrhythmia affect more young people than you would realise. According to the Charity Cardiac Risk in the Young  ‘Every week in the UK at least 12 young people die of undiagnosed heart conditions.’ Even the footballer , Fabrice Muamba suffered a cardiac arrest during a televised FA Cup match between Bolton and Tottenham Hotspur, from which he recovered despite his heart having stopped for 78 minutes.

I wrote this post not for attention or sympathy or even fundraising (although there will be links at the bottom of this page!) but to raise awareness, not only of what we went through but of what others face. Writing it all down is my way of drawing a line in the sand and moving on.


DON’T BE IGNORANT about heart disease and heart conditions, as I was. I thought it only affected smokers or the elderly or the obese. My son was born with a heart defect that caused heart failure (this means his blood wasn’t oxygenated enough, making him sleepy and weak) If he had the open heart surgery they were discussing, he would forever after have been labelled as having ‘Heart Disease’ because of the scar tissue. Thankfully it didn’t come to that!  And my husband was in the peak of physical health, when this all started.

GET AN EDUCATION: Go to a first aid course and learn basic CPR – you really could save someone’s life.

DON’T TAKE LOVED ONES FOR GRANTED! Our time here is so precious. Happily ever after doesn’t last forever, but it is captured in those small little moments of perfect; Sunday mornings in bed before the kids run in, an afternoon beer in the garden after cutting the grass, birthdays, holidays, wedding anniversaries…….(our 8th is in a few days and will hopefully not be spent in hospital this year!)

I am trying to turn a negative two years around and provide some positive karma, so I made a new years resolution to do fundraising for charity. This year I am focusing on the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund and here is my justgiving link if you want to support me:


Next year I will be doing events to raise funds for the British Heart Foundation and STARS, but in the meantime if you would like to donate to these very worthwhile charities here are the links.

British Heart Foundation: http://www.bhf.org.uk/get-involved/donate.aspx

STARS (helping people with syncope/blackouts) https://www.justgiving.com/stars/

Cardiac Risk in the young http://www.c-r-y.org.uk/donate






Our Wedding Song!

It’s our 8th wedding anniversary in a few days! 8 years and I still love this man to the moon & back!! The lyrics are from Tracey Chapman ‘The Promise’ ❤ xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

If you wait for me
then I'll come for you
Although I've traveled far
I always hold a place for you in my heart

If you think of me
If you miss me once in awhile
Then I'll return to you
I'll return and fill that space in your heart

Your touch
Your kiss
Your warm embrace
I'll find my way back to you
If you'll be waiting

If you dream of me
Like I dream of you
In a place that's warm and dark
In a place where I can feel the beating of your heart

Your touch
Your kiss
Your warm embrace
I'll find my way back to you
If you'll be waiting

I've longed for you
And I have desired
To see your face your smile
To be with you wherever you are

Your touch
Your kiss
Your warm embrace
I'll find my way back to you
Please say you'll be waiting

Together again
It would feel so good to be
In your arms
Where all my journeys end
If you can make a promise
If it's one that you can keep
I vow to come for you
If you wait for me

And say you'll hold
A place for me
I in your heart.


I am the worst mum in the world.

Am I the worst mum in the world?? That is, sadly, what I was starting to believe…

I have been reading blog after article, after blog recently that has left me and my parenting ego feeling bruised. The blogs have ranged from experiments in frugality, by not spending a single penny on child based marketing products, to why they have taken away their toys, to why they don’t have a T.V or tell their children lies – including about things such as Santa Claus, or the tooth fairy. There are links below to these blogs.

I COMMEND these mum’s I really REALLY do! I admire their resolve and their attitude and their thoughtful way of parenting. I have nothing but respect for each of them – YET- It left me feeling guilty. Guilty and ashamed that I don’t parent in this way, guilty and ashamed that I don’t apply so much attention to detail to my parenting. So I decided to write this blog post for the less than perfect mums out there- the mum’s just like me!

I would like to make it clear that I don’t blame the mums who blog about their great, positive, thoughtful, careful parenting, in the same way I don’t blame a skinny model for making me feel insecure about my body. I am in charge of my own feelings. And this post is about taking charge of those feelings, banishing the guilt and hopefully moving forward in a happier healthier way.


Here is my list of cardinal parenting sins.

1)      I shout at my children.


A lot more than I want to and probably more than psychologists would say I should for their mental health & well being. But there it is I do it! After 15 times of saying “Don’t push, don’t hit, don’t bite, put your toys away, dinner’s ready…” The 1st half a dozen times it’s said calmly, then I use their name, I get down to their level, I put enthusiasm in my voice, I make eye contact, I touch them to get their attention, I repeat, I ask them if they can hear and repeat again. When it still results in no action -I shout. And sometimes, I shout a lot sooner than this – if I have had a stressful day.I’m on the phone to the energy company about a bill they’ve overcharged me, after having been on the phone to the bank to find out what this extra payment is for, whilst cooking dinner, and doing pack lunches and checking work emails. Yes sometimes I shout at them sooner than I should. I’m not a saint.

2)      I use the TV as a babysitter.


On quite a regular basis actually. When I am making phone calls ^^^^^ Or need to pee, or am selfishly trying to finish coursework for evening classes I am doing, because I ultimately want to give them a better life by having a better job. Or even just when I am cleaning the bathroom. (I don’t want my child to see me with my hands in a toilet bowl and chemicals around because it will only incite their curiosity!) I like a clean home so the T.V is often used. I have one ear listening to them giggle at Mickey Mouse clubhouse and learning counting with Mickey and frantically clean as quickly as possible so we can have time to do a puzzle before lunch.

3)      Some time’s we don’t get time to do a puzzle^^, drawing, Play doh etc together before lunch…. 😦


I feel sad about that and DO try to make time, but it doesn’t always happen. Friends come round for tea, mum phones, unexpected work emails need dealing with. Or coursework deadlines loom.

4)      Fish fingers and ketchup counts as a healthy dinner in this house.

Image Image

Dinner times are stressful, my oldest is incredibly fussy. I insist that we sit at the table and not in front of the TV (we do some days as a treat!) But this is my one parenting rule that makes me feel like I am not a complete failure ( –Hurrah I am a wonderful mother- we eat together at the dining table!!) All be it Fish fingers! But in my defence they are served with carrots, peas and Sweetcorn and mashed potato and they always finish their plates!!!!! It is the one meal I can serve up and not fight with them over eating it. We actually have nice civilised conversations about school and playgroup, not arguments or bribery or cajoling, or whining (-and that’s just me “please eat your peppers- they make you run fast…the world’s strongest man eats broccoli-don’t you want to be the world’s strongest man one day?”) So we have Fish fingers more than once a week- but not every day! What can I say some days I can face the arguments and the hour long dinner time, and other days it defeats me and I take the easy option.

5)      I tell them Father Christmas is real, the tooth fairy is real, Magic is real. Because I believed in magic as a child, I thought I could fly on rainbows and find the treasure and speak with the fairies in the garden and, you know what? I wish as an adult that I still believed in Father Christmas (Whenever I watch ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’, or ‘Miracle on 34th street’ I actually kind of do believe a little bit….Ssshhh…)  I also tell them that Santa won’t come if they are naughty and pretend to call him on my mobile if they are testing me and playing up. Not because I am denying my responsibility as the disciplinarian- but because I am being Creative. And the best part of my Christmas this year was wrapping the children up with coats over their pyjamas and hats and gloves and looking up into the night sky to see if we could see or hear Father Christmas (apparently there was a comet/space station that was visible) We didn’t see it…. But I did see the Magic on their faces!! And yes, they look through magazines and see adverts (on the TV they watch too much of!) and they pester me for it. “I want that, I want that, ooh & that…” If it is something I cannot afford I will tell them about the bank account they have and that they can save up money they get given for birthdays or chores and buy it themselves or they can wait all year and ask Santa for it. Am I turning them into materialistic, consumer driven, ultimately unhappy grown ups?? Gosh!! – I Hope not!!!

6)    Sshh… But I discipline my children…. and I’m made to feel ashamed of it! But if they are repeatedly naughty, rude or unkind or put themselves or others in danger they are disciplined. They lose toys for a day or if they are REALLY bad to the bin, they lose stickers and rewards and they have on one occasion had a smack. NOT a whack or a slap or a bruising or a beating but a smacked hand. (as yet I have not had to actually carry out the threat of a smacked bottom!) 

I feel guilty for this but, that’s nothing new. I have felt parenting guilt since my son was born.

But NO more!!! Today I take a stand against the guilt that is pushed on us as parents from the media and the government and the health authority (‘working mothers are bad’, ‘breast is best’ ‘kids are obese’ ‘Kids are unhappy’) We cannot win – if we work we are guilty of neglecting our children, if we are stay at home mums, we are made to feel lazy or like we are spoiling/indulging our children.

In the UK at the minute there is a debate about being able to take children on family holidays during term time. The government feel our education is sadly lacking and that 10 days of a family holiday is too much and will affect our children’s ability to reach those milestones they place on them, those labels and tests that they have to pass to fit into a “normal” bracket. So what???

So they don’t pass the tests as they should, they may have to work a bit harder when they come back to school. But the time and memories they have with their family is priceless and irreplaceable. You can’t deny family time and expect children to still succeed. Surely we can find new measures for success that don’t involve our kids grades, or our bank balance or our waist line??? Measures that involve emotional security, happiness, contentment. FUN & JOY!!!


By saying no to guilt of all of the above sins, I am embracing Joy. I will enjoy my children’s childhood before I turn around, and old father time has snatched it away. We are living in such a blessed and privileged society, but we don’t consider ourselves lucky- we just find more problems and more things to feel guilty about. Our children have access to education and food on a daily basis (& TV in my house) & Toys & Cuddles and Love.

I want my children to grow up to know that I am not perfect. To understand that I figured this parenting thing out along the way and I made mistakes (probably by the time they are 18 a lot of them!)

I want them as adults to appreciate that I tried my best and I want them to live in the knowledge that trying your best is enough. And being happy is enough. They may not understand fully when they are 11, or even 16 but I have faith that eventually they will be happy, healthy adults who understand. I don’t worry that I am turning them into consumer driven zombies because I am not that! I am happy. I am content to try my best, and fail sometimes, and wake up and keep saying “today is the day I do better”. So if they learn by example I am refusing to let them see a side of me that self doubts and worries and feels incredible guilt about all the things I don’t get quite right. From now on, they will see, a mother who is sure in her resolve to NOT FEEL GUILT. I will probably still shout & discipline & let them watch TV.  I expect when they are 15 they will talk about how unfair I am, and how they wish they were adopted – but that is part of growing up. I am their mother, not their friend. I am (finally) comfortable in my own skin and don’t need their approval, or my parents approval or even societies approval. I know I am doing my best, and that will be enough.

There’s an advert for baby formula in the UK that says “We know mums, and take it from us – You’re doing great!” Yes we are. All of us. Even the really terrible, lazy mums like me who use the TV too much!!!!!!



This is a great one for SAHM


‘ard as nails….!!

So, when I started this blog I wanted to use it to showcase some writing, rant about things that make my blood boil and review products that I love! So far, it’s mostly been ranting so here is a mini test review…

I recently came across a ‘shellac hack’ on Pinterest from mintarrow.com. You needed Sally hansen hard as wraps, favourite nail polish and no chips top coat. (That was the original recipe which has now been ammended- google it & check out her full recipe and tips).

I love Shellac. I have never been able to grow my nails since I had acrylic tips for a year when I was 20, they split like anything. (In fact they didn’t grow much before I had the acrylics- hence why I got acrylic extensions!) I’m an occasional biter and just plain lazy when it comes to my nails and my hair.. anything high maintenance is never going to be my friend! Plus I use my hands ALOT with two kids I am forever washing dishes or children or both (not at the same time I hasten to add!) So regular nail polish does well to last 24 hours – 8 of which I am asleep (if I’m lucky!) So Shellac was discovered 18 months ago and I fell in love….<3

My first Shellac manicure lasted 3 weeks!! 3 whole weeks off bathing babies, washing dishes, changing bed sheets, regular housework & even cleaning the oven (with rubber gloves!) and my nails were still perrrrfect!!!! Shellac was my new best friend!

Then I had a couple of cheaper shellacs for special occasions- bought from Groupon which, although salon applied, didn’t last as long. The shortest being just 4 days!! 😦  & at £20 a time it was expensive!

So when I found this shellac hack I was over the moon, rushed straight to the shops to get the Sally Hansen polish and give it a go.

But don’t be fooled by this shellac hack. It made my nails bootiful for exactly two days!! Then it all flaked off rather quickly!!! Boo……. On the plus side and positive note it did make regular polish last slightly longer than it normally does on me! So my suggestion- use the shellac hack for a special occasion and stretch your Friday evening into Saturday night- but don’t expect any more than that!! xxx

Cliffhanger writing challenge

Hidden inside a battered Ford Escort, he watched Lillian Smith from a discreet distance, enjoying her struggle to manoeuvre her expensive sports car out of the tight spot in front of the beauty salon. He smiled appreciatively as he watched her curse the second time the car stalled and she wrestled with the gear stick. She was beautifully dressed in a clingy blue jumper that emphasised her blue eyes, and tight jeans tucked into long, black, leather boots. Perfect as always he mused. She finally managed to free her car. Slowly, deliberately he pulled his own car away from the kerb and followed. He been watching her for a few weeks now, and, as usual, had started to enjoy it. She was unlike most girls; she was classy, dignified in her spoilt way. He knew he shouldn’t get attached but he couldn’t help himself. He’d had plenty of women, but they were all easy pick ups that he despised for the fact they were so easy. He loved the chase. The hunt.

            It was a fine evening as he tailed her car along the main seafront road. The Christmas lights were still draped lifelessly around streetlamps and dotted along the pavement were palm trees, hugged by foil and blankets, forced to survive in an alien environment. He understood that feeling

            She pulled her car into her gravel drive and he blew her a silent kiss, watching her long black ponytail swish in time with her ass, enveloped in those tight jeans. She was something else. A queen. He surveyed her suburban kingdom with no small amount of jealousy, the houses here were all set back from the road, with private drives. He considered them mansions, a far cry from the high rises and poverty of his own childhood. Lillian’s’ house seemed bigger than the others and conveniently was surrounded by a high fence on all sides.Checking his reflection in the mirror, his gelled black hair and muscular body was coupled with a face that had seen a more punches than he’d thrown. He laughed to himself and decided he should call himself ‘Rocky’in homage to his hero Stallone. He lit another cigarette with the still smouldering end of the previous one.

He spared a thought for her husband and wondered briefly how much he would miss her.

            Shouldnt leave such a beautiful woman alone by herself then. 



I don’t even know how this ends yet….. To be continued.