I am a lover not a fighter.

I am a mother to two children and this exhausts and exhilarates and thrills me in equal parts.
I am a complementary therapist offering Reiki, Reflexology and a Angel card readings (certified by Doreen Virtue herself don’t you know!!)
I am married to the military, this defines huge aspects of my life. But it doesn’t define ME!
I am a firm believer in happy endings and new beginnings and that ol’ saying: Love Conquers all!

Complete, unapologetic romantic!
I write posts on every aspect of my life from parenting to therapies to posting Angel card readings! I’m multi-faceted (or a jack of all trades!)

I have an opinion on pretty much everything and I like to read/hear other peoples opinions. But I appreciate respect,  and live by the idea BE NICE or LEAVE.

I have always wanted to write books that readers fall in love with, stories that move people to tears and always, ALWAYS believe in happy endings.

Everyday we make a choice between Heaven and Hell. What will our existence be like today? How good can it get?

With Love and Gratitude



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