‘ard as nails….!!

So, when I started this blog I wanted to use it to showcase some writing, rant about things that make my blood boil and review products that I love! So far, it’s mostly been ranting so here is a mini test review…

I recently came across a ‘shellac hack’ on Pinterest from mintarrow.com. You needed Sally hansen hard as wraps, favourite nail polish and no chips top coat. (That was the original recipe which has now been ammended- google it & check out her full recipe and tips).

I love Shellac. I have never been able to grow my nails since I had acrylic tips for a year when I was 20, they split like anything. (In fact they didn’t grow much before I had the acrylics- hence why I got acrylic extensions!) I’m an occasional biter and just plain lazy when it comes to my nails and my hair.. anything high maintenance is never going to be my friend! Plus I use my hands ALOT with two kids I am forever washing dishes or children or both (not at the same time I hasten to add!) So regular nail polish does well to last 24 hours – 8 of which I am asleep (if I’m lucky!) So Shellac was discovered 18 months ago and I fell in love….<3

My first Shellac manicure lasted 3 weeks!! 3 whole weeks off bathing babies, washing dishes, changing bed sheets, regular housework & even cleaning the oven (with rubber gloves!) and my nails were still perrrrfect!!!! Shellac was my new best friend!

Then I had a couple of cheaper shellacs for special occasions- bought from Groupon which, although salon applied, didn’t last as long. The shortest being just 4 days!! 😦  & at £20 a time it was expensive!

So when I found this shellac hack I was over the moon, rushed straight to the shops to get the Sally Hansen polish and give it a go.

But don’t be fooled by this shellac hack. It made my nails bootiful for exactly two days!! Then it all flaked off rather quickly!!! Boo……. On the plus side and positive note it did make regular polish last slightly longer than it normally does on me! So my suggestion- use the shellac hack for a special occasion and stretch your Friday evening into Saturday night- but don’t expect any more than that!! xxx


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