Cliffhanger writing challenge

Hidden inside a battered Ford Escort, he watched Lillian Smith from a discreet distance, enjoying her struggle to manoeuvre her expensive sports car out of the tight spot in front of the beauty salon. He smiled appreciatively as he watched her curse the second time the car stalled and she wrestled with the gear stick. She was beautifully dressed in a clingy blue jumper that emphasised her blue eyes, and tight jeans tucked into long, black, leather boots. Perfect as always he mused. She finally managed to free her car. Slowly, deliberately he pulled his own car away from the kerb and followed. He been watching her for a few weeks now, and, as usual, had started to enjoy it. She was unlike most girls; she was classy, dignified in her spoilt way. He knew he shouldn’t get attached but he couldn’t help himself. He’d had plenty of women, but they were all easy pick ups that he despised for the fact they were so easy. He loved the chase. The hunt.

            It was a fine evening as he tailed her car along the main seafront road. The Christmas lights were still draped lifelessly around streetlamps and dotted along the pavement were palm trees, hugged by foil and blankets, forced to survive in an alien environment. He understood that feeling

            She pulled her car into her gravel drive and he blew her a silent kiss, watching her long black ponytail swish in time with her ass, enveloped in those tight jeans. She was something else. A queen. He surveyed her suburban kingdom with no small amount of jealousy, the houses here were all set back from the road, with private drives. He considered them mansions, a far cry from the high rises and poverty of his own childhood. Lillian’s’ house seemed bigger than the others and conveniently was surrounded by a high fence on all sides.Checking his reflection in the mirror, his gelled black hair and muscular body was coupled with a face that had seen a more punches than he’d thrown. He laughed to himself and decided he should call himself ‘Rocky’in homage to his hero Stallone. He lit another cigarette with the still smouldering end of the previous one.

He spared a thought for her husband and wondered briefly how much he would miss her.

            Shouldnt leave such a beautiful woman alone by herself then. 



I don’t even know how this ends yet….. To be continued.


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