A Lipstick Feminist.

So, being new to blogging, I have been spending a lot of time checking out other peoples blogs, trying to find inspiration, laughing at cats and craziness. It actually does inspire me how many intelligent and thoughtful people there are on the great web that connects us all! (We’ll ignore those irritating little trolls/flies that also happen to appear caught in the web every now & then!)

I was surprised to see so much stuff being written about feminism. This interests me. I have often pondered where exactly I am on this issue. I guess growing up in Britain in the 80’s 90’s  recently,(-ish) I pretty much have always taken it for granted that women have equality. Our household was female dominated and full of strong personalities, my brother was certainly never given any preferential treatment. We all did chores and we all climbed trees. But whilst my brother,and sister’s, would be scaling branches in their welly’s and jeans I was always trying to catch up, because the frilly tutu I had chosen to wear that day kept getting caught and snagged on a branch, or I would drop my dolly! But I always got there in the end… and it was my choice to wear a tutu!! 🙂

As I have grown older, I still take it for granted that women are equal. I love it that Britain has a history of female leaders (good and bad) Thatcher, Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth (both of them-my namesakes!) Boudicca… It makes me proud! Yet, I love it that my husband opens doors for me and insists on walking on the outside of the pavement. (I swear I had a real “Oh My God, you’re just like Mr Darcy!” moment!) Does this make me less of a feminist… I’m not so sure? 

I prefer to think of myself as a ‘Lipstick Feminist’. According to wikipedia ‘Philosophically, Lipstick feminism proposes that a woman is empowered — psychologically, socially, politically – by the wearing of cosmetic make up, sexually suggestive clothes, and the practice of a sexual allure that appeals to men and to women.’ 

Yes!!! Oh Yes!! This is me… ! I would still climb that tree, it might take a little longer and pose a few more challenges along the way but Dammit I’ll get there… & I’d look good doing it!(I was 8 – I probably ripped my favourite party frock, hadn’t brushed my hair for days and lost a welly on the way up! I didn’t care what I looked like, I was just being me!) And this is what it should be about: feminism, Masculism all of it… We need to be OURSELVES. We need to be comfortable in our own skin and when we are – we can achieve ANYTHING! No tree or obstacle is insurmountable. It’s only when we deny ourselves the freedom of self that we start to doubt our abilities, question our talents or second guess ourselves.

Spiritually I try to celebrate the divine balance between female and male. Whilst women should be afforded equal rights and allowed to act like women. Men should be afforded the same courtesy. Do we allow men to be true men today? Have we emasculated modern man??? (seriously I want to hear your thoughts? Do we let guys have the freedom to be guys?? Or are they judged negatively for it?)


I think Marilyn Monroe (that famous feminist!!) said something along the lines of “I don’t mind if it’s a man’s world, as long as I can be woman in it” ❤

One of the (few) rules in our house was that we were not allowed to wear make up until we were 15! (But obviously there was still a secret stash of mascara for on the school bus!) Today you will rarely see me without make-up, even on days when I will not see another soul except my children, I still wear make up. It’s not for my husband, it’s not for my kids,it’s not because commercials tell me I need it (I have 2 under 5’s – I don’t get to read magazines or watch TV, and ‘The Gruffalo’ doesn’t exactly make me feel a burning need to reach for the “slap”) It is for ME. It makes me feel good  dressed, actually. And, well, like Me, not mum. And anything that helps save your identity with kids is a plus… That all important “me” time. There are also very few self-confidence flaws that can’t be fixed with Red lipstick, it makes you feel like the goddess and temptress that you are!!

Now wear is my wedding dress???? I have a burning desire to climb a tree…..

Big Red Kisses, Light & Love xxx




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